While developing new styles for the Collection, the design team began using “inside out skirt” as our development name for a new skirt style—and the name stuck. The meaning of the phrase “inside out” evokes thoughts of transparency and exposing what is hidden on the inside—whether physically or metaphorically. While there is a literal placement of the skirt’s pockets on the outside of this garment, we have a varied interpretation as “inside out” is something that goes back to the origins of Alabama Chanin.

When Natalie began creating her first series of hand-sewn t-shirts 18 years ago, she constructed and sewed them in a way that exposed the seams. This highlighted the structure of the garment, something seen often in modern architecture where the structure of a building is exposed—but it also symbolized an honesty and integrity to the way that she was making. That practice of full transparency—whether it be sharing our supply chain or sewing techniques—is rooted in our company and is something we practice deeply today.


The Inside Out Skirt is machine sewn by the Bldg. 14 team and takes inspiration from the exposed seams that have been a design detail on many hand-sewn garments over the years.

And there are two pockets within one—one that you can access from the outside, to slip in your hands. The other is an “internal” pocket that is accessed by unsnapping the waistband. You have a secure place to store your belongings here.

The Inside Out Skirt can be reversed to conceal the pockets and the contrast binding. If you reverse the skirt, the Alabama Chanin label will be visible, but then again, we love transparency.


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