The Geometry of Hand-Sewing has proved to be a great resource for learning and perfecting a myriad of embroidery stitches. The book and Natalie’s newest Craftsy course, “The New Embroidery”, focus on stitch samples and swatches for practice and building up a swatch library using our Stitch Journal to document your progress.

While the Stitch Journal and Design Bundles are great ways to practice stitches and techniques, our four new DIY kits give you wearable options—plus one option for the home—to show off your new-found embroidery skills.

/Users/maggiecrisler/Dropbox/Journal - Shared/2 - THE SCHOOL OF MAKING DIY POSTS/1 - 2018/5.10.18 - New TGOHS Kits/The-School-of-Making-Striped-T-Shirt-Top-DIY-Kit-1.jpg

The Stripe Series DIY Kit pairs our favorite short-sleeved top with the Variegated Stripe Stencil for a fun take on the classic T-shirt. The single-layer top and placement stencil make for a quick sew once you’ve applied your desired embroidery stitches to the staggered stripe stencil.

/Users/maggiecrisler/Dropbox/Journal - Shared/2 - THE SCHOOL OF MAKING DIY POSTS/1 - 2018/5.10.18 - New TGOHS Kits/The-School-of-Making-Striped-Table-Runner-DIY-Kit-1.jpg

/Users/maggiecrisler/Dropbox/Journal - Shared/2 - THE SCHOOL OF MAKING DIY POSTS/1 - 2018/5.10.18 - New TGOHS Kits/The-School-of-Making-Embroidered-Eyelet-Swing-Skirt-DIY-Kit-1.jpg

Use the Stitching Cards in the back of The Geometry of Hand-Sewing with our Marking Tools to plot your stitches on any of the new kits, and you’ll have a project to be proud of.

P.S.: If you purchase a Craftsy class from the links on our website, we will earn a small commission from the product purchased through that link. This commission supports our business and helps us stock our 100% organic fabrics, pay our employees a living wage, and allows our teams to continue to design and create the products that you love. What might seem like a small gesture can go a long way for our business, so thank you.


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  1. Deb B.

    I love these new DIY kits! They are very beautiful and such a great example of how lovely hand stitched embroidery looks on clothing. Cheers to the design team!