The Geometry of Hand-Sewing has proved to be a great resource for learning and perfecting a myriad of embroidery stitches. The book and Natalie’s newest Bluprint course, “The New Embroidery”, focus on stitch samples and swatches for practice and building up a swatch library using our Stitch Journal to document your progress.

While the Stitch Journal and Design Bundles are great ways to practice stitches and techniques, our four new DIY kits give you wearable options—plus one option for the home—to show off your new-found embroidery skills.

/Users/maggiecrisler/Dropbox/Journal - Shared/2 - THE SCHOOL OF MAKING DIY POSTS/1 - 2018/5.10.18 - New TGOHS Kits/The-School-of-Making-Striped-T-Shirt-Top-DIY-Kit-1.jpg

The Striped T-Shirt Top DIY Kit pairs our favorite short-sleeved top with the Variegated Stripe Stencil for a fun take on the classic T-shirt. The single-layer top and placement stencil make for a quick sew once you’ve applied your desired embroidery stitches to the staggered stripe stencil.

/Users/maggiecrisler/Dropbox/Journal - Shared/2 - THE SCHOOL OF MAKING DIY POSTS/1 - 2018/5.10.18 - New TGOHS Kits/The-School-of-Making-Striped-Table-Runner-DIY-Kit-1.jpg

The Striped Poncho and Striped Table Runner DIY Kits give you a blank canvas to create a stitch sampler using a wide variety of stitches that can be fully customized to your liking.

/Users/maggiecrisler/Dropbox/Journal - Shared/2 - THE SCHOOL OF MAKING DIY POSTS/1 - 2018/5.10.18 - New TGOHS Kits/The-School-of-Making-Embroidered-Eyelet-Swing-Skirt-DIY-Kit-1.jpg

We’ve updated an old favorite with the Embroidered Eyelet Swing Skirt DIY Kit. This kit comes as an unstenciled double layer with thread, embroidery floss, and beads to embellish as much or as little as you like using a range of Alabama eyelets. Use the Stitching Cards in the back of The Geometry of Hand-Sewing with our Marking Tools to plot your stitches on any of the new kits, and you’ll have a project to be proud of.

P.S.: The Embroidered Eyelet Swing Skirt kit features a new color of embroidery floss—Slate. You can purchase individual spools of Slate for your next project here.


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  1. Deb B.

    I love these new DIY kits! They are very beautiful and such a great example of how lovely hand stitched embroidery looks on clothing. Cheers to the design team!