Our Family of Businesses includes customer service as a deep part of its mission statement and vision for business.  We strive to build relationships on trust and quality.

Our interactions and bonds with our guests over the last two decades have helped us learn how to grow and adapt. After listening to your shopping questions and looking at your needs, we’ve created a new service for our Collection customers: Personal Stylist.

The Personal Stylist is here to offer guidance on the types of garments we offer, their fit, design details, and how our garments can be styled. Our stylist can also help coordinate any prior purchases you’ve made with new pieces, offer insight into your preferences and lifestyle needs, and support you in your decision-making process.


Of course, this service builds on the relationships we have formed over the last two decades. As always, it matters to us that Alabama Chanin reflects your daily lifestyle—which means we want our garments to be a part of your life for years to come.

You can contact our Personal Stylist Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pmCST. Call our team at 256-760-1090 or by email


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  1. Jill Ewert

    One thing I find missing among the many things I love about Alabama Chanin is the concept behind the personal color theory and how that relates to what garments , style lines , colors , textures , scale as well as other factors best express the artistry of dressing tailored to each individual woman. . These principles were taught to me originally by Personal Style Counselors in Oakland CA in the 1970’s. Of everything I have ever seen focusing on this general approach to the artistry of dressing , I believe they got it right . There is still a Personal Style Counselor and it is now owned and run by one of the original color analysts , John Kitchener.
    So much of what I have seen as time goes on coming from AC is not in harmony with most , if anyone , and leaves me scratching my head. I would love to see a collaboration of some kind with John and AC . I think this combination would be open up a fresh , effective direction for AC .
    And if your Personal Stylist were open and aware of the principles that PSC promoted more than 28 years ago , I think the result would be fantastic!

    1. Alabama

      Thank you for your comment, Stephanie!
      Our Personal Stylist Betsy will be happy to help you with your questions. She will contact you shortly via email regarding your inquiry. If you prefer not to wait and would like to speak with her promptly, she can be reached at 256-760-1090.