I’m not one who loves to be photographed or filmed. I worked for years as a costume designer and a stylist where my role was behind the camera. I’m comfortable with this role. So, despite some reluctance on my part, in 2017 I agreed to create a collection of online classes for Bluprint that focus on the techniques and cultural sustainability that we seek to preserve at Alabama Chanin and The School of Making.  Despite my initial hesitancy, the classes became robust and successful and, most importantly, we were able to document years of collected knowledge and make this information available to people around the globe. Sitting here today, I’m proud of the result and the response. And truth be told, by working with the wonderful production team, I learned to like telling stories and teaching classes in front of a camera, as well as behind.

In May of 2017, Craftsy was acquired by NBC Universal and relaunched this week as Bluprint. This new brand and platform will include Craftsy Unlimited’s growing library of more than 1,300 classes, but also includes new content across art, home decorating, writing, cooking, baking, dance, fitness, and yoga. In addition to classes, there will be series and shows designed to inspire an even broader audience. Bluprint’s new interface will make it easy for members to fit creativity into their busy schedules and tailor projects to varying skill levels. The new site also includes articles, exclusive series, and in-depth classes.

I’m excited to be a part of Bluprint and the new parent company NBCU as the preeminent destination for lifestyle learning and inspirational content.

Check out Bluprint here and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Looking forward to creating new classes, content, and conversations,


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  1. Val

    So glad you were able to feel comfortable in front of the camera! I love your style and learned a great deal from your Craftsy classes.

    I took a look at Bluprint and like the format. I have to admit I was hoping to find the much-discussed jacket class you did with Vogue 1263, hoping it was archived in the new format. On the School of Making Stitchalong on FB, there are occasional mentions of the class and the jacket. The pattern, though out of print, can still be found.

  2. Brunella B Rosser

    Hello Natalie,
    Thanks for an up close and personal introduction to Bluprint.
    For now, I’m thinking that I would like to continue purchasing my classes one at a time. But, I’m known for opening my mind to new opportunities– so we will see what happens.
    I’m enrolled, watched, and reviewed all of your Craftsy classes, and refer back often for refreshing my understanding or reviewing details from your excellent teaching.
    Brunella BR

  3. Ada

    Hello Natalie,
    I have bought your Craftsy jacket class a few years ago and recently was considering buying the skirt class – but I am a pure “pants type”, I wear skirts/dresses very, very rarely. So I would like to ask (sorry for being off-topic) – do you plan to create a pants class?

    To the Blueprint… it is a great idea for those who craft a lot. But for now I prefer purchasing a particular class when I need it.

    1. Alabama

      Thank you, Ada. No pants class in the works as of now, but there is always a chance that we could film one in the future.

  4. Milagros Quinones

    Great way to keep learning beautiful things around the house and for personal achievement in different areas that we like to master. For now I want to keep increasing my skills with the Alabama Chaning,S hook of making!