Any time one or more things are consciously put together in a way that they can accomplish something better than they could have accomplished individually, this is an act of design.” – Charles Eames

Our collaborations and partnerships have spanned many years and have created deep connections with like-minded companies allowing us to grow, be inspired, and learn from one another.  For the upcoming season, we are partnering with various designers and artists to take the Alabama Chanin experience to other cities. We’re working with with designers, makers, and artists who are committed to creating with beauty, quality, and craftsmanship in mind.

Learn about each of these events and our event partners below. And join us for the journey.

Hawks & Doves Pop-up: October 18 – November 3
What: Hand-crafted leather bags and accessories from Raleigh, North Carolina
Who: Jessica Ullom Visit our Journal to learn about Jessica’s creative process.
Where: The Factory in Florence, Alabama

Leisure Pop-Up: October 26
What: New collections of sustainably sewn garments, hand-crafted glassware and ceramics, and art
Who: State the Label, Artist Britt Bates, The Shelter Collection, and us!
Where: Parlour : Charleston, South Carolina

Pop-up @ imogene + willie: November 2 – 4
What: Our newest Collection—including classic hand-embroidered garments, everyday essential styles, leisure, and home
Who: Us @ imogene + willie—makers of the most exquisite jeans using the highest quality denim. I+w has a mission to provide the perfectly fitting jean—and the lifestyle company offers that and so much more.
Where: Nashville, Tennessee

The Shelter Collection Pop-up: November 9
What: Hand-crafted glassware and ceramics
Who: Creative Process with Shelter’s designer: Erin Reitz
Where: The Factory in Florence, Alabama

Trunk Show @ Worthwhile, Charleston: November 30
What: Our newest Collection, including hand embroideries, leisure, and home
Who: Us @ Worthwhile—a purveyor of thoughtfully designed fashion and objects against an engaging architectural backdrop since 1993
Where: Charleston, South Carolina

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