(of countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation.

of the bright green color of lush grass.
“a deep, verdant green”

The design team for The School of Making has taken a fresh approach with its newest color: Verdant. Verdant is a fresh green that is reminiscent of nature in woodlands, creeks, streams and is an intricate color in wildlife from a multitude of geographies. The entire design series was inspired by the ideas of growth, renewal, and peace. And this color is the basis of our 2019 programming for The School of Making.


Along with the new fabric color, we also announce a limited-edition Printed Cotton Jersey in Verdant highlighting the Magdalena stencil.


Our new Design Bundle also launches today (more on that later on the Journal), showcasing Verdant and two brand new stencils: Abstract and Canopy.

Our team is committed to bringing new and inspiring ideas and projects to The School of Making. They’ve spent much of this year developing new and unique and specific programming. We simply ask that you respect our Creative Integrity guidelines, respect one another’s work and ours, and please tag your projects with The School of Making instead of Alabama Chanin when posting on social media so that we can correctly identify your work.

Find 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey in Verdant here.

Get Printed Jersey in Magdalena.

Utilize your design skills with our new Design Bundle.

And stencil at home with the Abstract and Canopy stencils.


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  1. teri

    Glad to see this lovely shade of green. And “verdant” – what a perfect name.
    Everyone has colors that especially resonate with them. Sylvan shades of green, ochre, gold, brown – these colors own me.
    Oh – your color combinations using the “Canopy” stencil are nothing less than stunning!
    Thank you for continuing to add an array of design elements and colors to the collections. The inspiration is endless.