2019 is ushering in exciting new changes for The Factory Café. Our beloved Friends of the Café Dinner Series will continue, as well as an array of new programming.

2018 wrapped up with some great events. Chef Kyle Ogden of the Shoals’ Turtle Point Country Club was featured at our September Supper Club and executed a menu perfect for bidding summer farewell.


Dishes like Royal Red Shrimp with Frank’s Hot Sauce Vinaigrette and stuffed peppers with sausage and queso fresco accompanied the evening’s cocktail starring pineapple, hibiscus, and prosecco.


For our last Friends of the Café Dinner of 2018, we hosted chefs Kelly English and Camron Razavi who served up Gulf shrimp and charred eggplant while Cedric Burnside played a few tunes off his newest record, Benton County Relic. (Congrats to Cedric for his recent Grammy nomination. Well deserved.)



November brought our final Supper Club dinner of the year, featuring Odette chef Fatin Russel. Fatin gave diners a taste of her heritage, featuring dishes and flavors from Malaysia like Popiah Malaysian spring rolls and Curry Potato puff pastries. It was a dream evening of inspiring food and stories.



We’d like to thank everyone who supported The Factory Café this year and dined with us. Stay connected with the café on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy holidays!

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