Mending Matters: Stitch, Patch, and Repair Your Favorite Denim & More, by Katrina Rodabaugh, includes 22 how-to projects, a number of essays on the topic of slow fashion, over 200 color photographs, and a foreword by our own Natalie Chanin. Rodabaugh dedicated herself to repair and sustainability after the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse, when she pledged not to buy new clothing for a year. After teaching several popular mending workshops, she realized that a growing number of people had an interest in clothing repair. All of this work led to the publication of Mending Matters, which is a tribute to the values of sustainability.


The book focuses on using simple mending techniques to express personal style—whether through interior or exterior patches, different stitch patterns, darning, and weaving. There are step-by-step photos and easy-to-understand instructions that give guidance while discouraging absolute perfectionism.


Rodabaugh weaves essays among her projects, explaining her own relationship with slow fashion and her personal philosophy on how the process of repair can change your outlook on the wider world. It encourages mindfulness and embrace of imperfection and promotes the idea that self-confidence can be born through making things with your hands. She uses mending as a metaphor for appreciating one another, flaws and all.


This book inspires without intimidating and will encourage the reader to rethink their own ideas and feelings about fashion, waste, and thoughtful use of products. Mending Matters offers practical and beautiful solutions to everyday problems and is a steady voice in the slow fashion movement. Voices like Rodabaugh’s are the future of the movement and we look forward to hearing more from her.

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  1. Therese Bare

    Mending my hand knit socks seems to be an ongoing project! Growing up there was always a mending pile at our house. Mom made our dressy clothes, play clothes were hand me downs from cousins. It’s amazing how in just one generation everything has become disposable and created such a burden on the earth.

  2. Julie Ford

    I have purchased several books from receiving these wonderful emails and “Mending Matters” will be next. My mending is just however I manage to do it so reading a how-to should help me mend with more skill.

  3. Cathy Allen

    All great stuff here! Been slow stitching since 1970! Thank you Natalie for the generosity with which you share your creative talent and that of other featured artists/creators/sewists. Debuted my first Alabama Chanin Corset as Mom of the Groom outfit last year. Can see it on my Dirtroaddesign Instagram (CEAllen). Also my Katrina style patched jeans. Look forward to adding her book to my sewing library. XXOO

  4. Susan LaCour

    So sad this book is out of stock in your store! Mending, re-using, remaking, and hand crafting are embedded in my genes. My parents grew up during the Depression when making-do was a way of life. My mother told stories about my grandfather being able to fix anything from the furnace to a bobby pin. Nightgowns ans favorite pants are in my mending pile now, and I look forward to being able to track down Mending Matters!

    1. Alabama

      Thank you for your comment, Susan! I will send you an email about the book shortly to see if we can find a solution. Erin W., Customer Service @ Alabama Chanin