The School of Making’s popular Host a Party program is updated and expanded for participants who want to make together with friends. As always, the concept is simple: gather six or more friends and acquaintances who want to gather and sew, while you provide the location and hospitality.

Each group chooses its own garment style, but each participant has the option to choose their own size, fabric color, and stencil design. The next steps are easy: gather—laugh, talk, eat—and get to work. We have found that working together in groups is motivating, as everyone encourages their fellow sewers to work and gets excited to show off their own progress.

For the upcoming season, we have added our newest fabric color Verdant as an option to choose from. We are also making available the Abstract stencil for your projects.

Every host receives a free kit for planning and hosting and, now, an additional gift—a 100% organic cotton canvas tote bag. Each participant can purchase their kit at a 20% discount and will also receive a free gift—a card with an assortment of needles.

For more information on how to host your own party or to sign up, visit our Host a Party page here.

/Volumes/Pictures/The School of Making/Swatches/Fabric Swatch - Abstract - Couched - Verdant-Verdant - 28380 - October 2018 - Abraham Rowe 3.jpg

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