“Earth is what we all have in common.” ― Wendell Berry

Today marks the 49th time Earth Day has been officially celebrated in the United States. As we all take time today to reflect on the state of the environment and the steps we can take personally, and globally, to protect it, this week we explore one aspect of our own commitment to sustainability: organic cotton.

“The Heart: Organic Cotton”

“Supply Chains: A Commitment to Cotton”

“The Heart: Organic Cotton Seeds”

“A Plea for Organic Cotton”

“Alabama Cotton”

Read our “Stories from the Cotton Field” series here

“Alabama Cotton Revisited”

“A Plea for Cotton”

“2018 Organic Cotton Supply Chain Update”

Alabama Chanin and The School of Making offer organic cotton in a variety of forms:

100% Organic Medium-Weight Cotton Jersey

Limited-Edition Printed Cotton Jersey

Recycled Paper Note Cards (made from recycled cotton scraps)

Scrap Grab Bag

From the archives: “Billy Reid and Alabama Chanin’s Homegrown Cotton” from The New York Times Style Magazine


P.S.: We’ve been making sustainable fashion for over two decades. The lead image is from our 2010 collection, and the second image is from our Alabama Cotton Project with Billy Reid in 2012.

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