Our Cook + Dine section is incredibly popular among our customers, and we are always trying to keep our selections fresh and stylish—a good fit for most any home. We are currently streamlining our offerings to do just that: allow you to find items that best speak to your personal style.

The updates include new pieces from Heath Ceramics, building upon our long-term collaboration with them, plus stainless steel flatware from David Mellor and Smithy cast iron skillets. These items round out this collection in a way that feels right for our company and our customer base. We are keeping things simple and focusing on what the core of Alabama Chanin is today.

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We have always offered granola and coffee as part of the Factory Café menu, and we have now expanded that to include cheese straws. These are staples of any Southern cocktail party, and, if we may say so, are delicious. We encourage you to add some to your next order. You won’t be disappointed.

Look for highlights on the individual products soon. (And don’t forget the cheese straws.)

Explore the newly updated Cook + Dine Collection here.

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