“Water does not resist. Water flows.” – Margaret Atwood

Capturing natural beauty and the natural world. Enchanting both inside and outside. That’s the idea behind our Leisure Collection. The collection’s versatility moves through the seasons with comfortable stretch knits in rib and cozy knits in waffle. You choose. Find more to love, like our tank and slip dress now available in organic waffle knit (in addition to our soft knit rib). New styles like the Fitted Waffle Cardigan and Waffle Towel round out your summer travel and holiday attire.

A large pool of water

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Colors like Glass, Venetian, Twilight, and Pool—new to Leisure—are inspired by the nautical hues we look to for a relaxing getaway.

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Become inspired to plan your next travels—or perhaps a staycation—in comfort and luxury.

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Explore our updated Leisure collection here.

P.S.: A big thank you to Rinne Allen and Christy Bush for capturing many of these beautiful images.

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