“I paint not the things I see but the feelings they arouse in me.” ― Franz Kline

The abstract shapes and design of our new spring Collection inspired us to learn more about some of our favorite female artists in the realm of abstract expressionism. This week we share a few of those supremely talented and inspiring women with you, as well a few pieces from The Collection adorned with the new abstract motif.

Deborah Remington, “art renegade”

Zoe Skirt

“Elaine de Kooning Broke the Rules by Painting Men – and Secured Her Place in Art History”

Figures Bateau Dress

Jay DeFeo and the restoration of The Rose

Cora Wrap

Sonia Gechtoff: “a pioneering, California Abstract Expressionist painter”

Evelyn Skirt

Grace Hartigan at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Zelda Tunic

Helen Frankenthaler: from Abstract Expressionism to Color Field Painting


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