Hand in hand with the slow design practiced here at Alabama Chanin is slow food, and at The Factory Café, the tenant of slow food is near and dear to our hearts. Vegetables and fruits grown from the land in our local community are the cornerstones of the meals prepared at the café.

In order to harvest with the seasons and enjoy that produce year round, canning is essential. To pass on that time-honored method of preservation, The Factory Café is offering a series of three canning workshops throughout the summer and fall of 2019. Each season yields its own produce, and to ensure that you can learn canning techniques for a variety of fruits and vegetables, the workshops in this series will be held on June 25th, July 23rd, and September 10th.

In the upcoming workshop on June 25th, you will learn how to “put up” summer fruits for your winter pantry with shelf-stable canning processes using a low sugar pectin recipe. Each participant will leave the class with their own jars of peach/jalapeno jam, a seasonal berry jam, and a recipe packet that will include the jams created in the workshop as well as additional recipes for utilizing your canned goods throughout the year.

For our second workshop on July 3rd, learn how to safely pickle summer vegetables to enjoy all winter long. Make a classic dill cucumber pickle recipe and a sweet pepper chow chow relish. Each participant will take home a jar of each recipe created, along with the recipes, themselves.

Our fall workshop on September 10th will explore how to preserve basic tomato sauce that can be used for winter soups, stews, pizzas, bloody marys, and more. Participants will create heirloom tomato salsa and will take home a jar of each recipe, as well as all of the recipes used.

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Visit our Events page for more details on each workshop in the series and to reserve your spot.

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