Blue is intensity—from a deep state of mind to the brightest sunny day. Our colors Venetian and Glass allow you to live in your body in the realest way, regardless of the color of the sky. They wrap you in comfort and reflect your mood in a comforting way.

Venetian, meaning of the city of Venice, brings to mind slow walks, relaxing boat rides, and a feeling of home. The Venetian language is a Romance language; Venetian glass is known for its beauty and ancient origins.

A blue and white dress

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Glass can be transparent or opaque, depending on how it is made. It can be hard, yet easily breakable; practical, but extremely delicate. Glass is made by both heat and cool. It transmits light, it reflects light, and it refracts light—made for the practical and the beautiful.

Like you, our unique blues—Venetian and Glass—are more complicated than they seem at first glance. They are here to tell your story, no matter where the day takes you.

As with all of the Alabama Chanin Collection, our blues are perfect for any day and any frame of mind.

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