Alabama Chanin has collaborated with Heath Ceramics for many fruitful years, since our first tableware collection launched in 2011. What was then called the “point of intersection between stitch and clay” has become an ongoing partnership. Most recently, we worked with Heath to create our new hand-etched line of necklaces.

The jewelry collaboration is part of a relationship that has grown from our first collection, to a 2013 set of dinnerware using our Camellia pattern, through our 2015 Indigo + Bird’s Nest collection. The partnership in creating necklaces is similar to the processes used to create our tableware lines—all etched by hand into clay by talented artisans. The skilled clay artists that make our lines do not use stencils, but rather design all of our pieces freehand. In that way, they are like our own artisans, who touch each garment and create it with care.

We have always felt a kinship with Heath, as their philosophy and intent are similar to ours. Recently, Heath Ceramics was the subject of a feature length documentary produced by California’s KCET, as part of their award-winning ARTBOUND series. It follows Heath’s journey from the 1940s through today, focusing on their groundbreaking design methods and philosophies.

P.S.: Be on the lookout for future Alabama Chanin + Heath collaborations in 2020.


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