The School of Making is welcoming exciting changes to its DIY Kit offerings. On the heels of the recent fabric update, our DIY Sewing Kit page has also undergone a refresh with a more streamlined process for viewing and ordering DIY Kits.

The DIY Kits that our makers love, pre-cut and pre-stenciled with all the thread and notions you will need to assemble your garment, are staying the same, but the kits will now be displayed on the DIY Sewing Kits page by style with the option to choose your stencil and fabric colors within each product. Instead of having to view multiple kits before you decide on your final project, now all stencil and fabric options will be easily viewable on one page. Once you have chosen a style, you will simply navigate to the product page for that kit and choose from a curated selection of stencil designs and fabrics for your sewing kit.

The only exceptions to this new process are the kits featuring The School of Making Stripe stencil. These kits, The Swing Skirt and The T-Shirt Top, will now be part of The Stripe Series. Grouped by stencil pattern instead of garment style, this kit series will allow you to shop by your favorite stencil.

The final update to the DIY Sewing Kits page is with the client-favorite Placement Poncho Kit – in the form of a new name: The Starter Poncho Kit. A beautiful and versatile style for any skill level, we wanted our makers just starting down the path towards a sustainable and hand-crafted wardrobe to know that this kit is ideal for them. 

As always, for a truly customized making experience, we welcome you to explore our Custom DIY Sewing Kits.

Change is exciting. The School of Making, like any good thing, is constantly evolving. We hope that you, our makers, enjoy these changes as much as we do, and if you have any questions about the new DIY Sewing Kits or Custom DIY do not hesitate to give us a call at 256-760-1090 or email us at office @ alabamachanin.com.

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  1. Sue

    Love the idea of the blank canvas T shirt kit. It’s got me thinking and that’s what I love about The School of Making – you always evolve and inspire!