Monograms have been used for many things over time. They first appeared on coins; they have been employed by artists to sign their work; Charlemagne utilized them extensively to spread his name across the lands that he conquered. Royalty and military organizations have used them to denote stature.

By nature, the monogram is a simple way to identify yourself and to customize things that belong to you. Whether it’s Laverne (from Laverne and Shirley) and her iconic “L” sweaters or a more formal embossed wedding invitation, the monogram says: this is mine. It is unique to me.

We now offer monogram services that allow you to customize some of our items for yourself or a friend. Add up to three letters embroidered on a select number of our garments for an additional $20: The Hoodie, and The Organic Cotton Scarf. Monogrammed letters will be placed on the garments on the left chest, and all embroidery will be offered in three thread colors: Natural, Red, and Black. Please see the carousel at the bottom of each product for further placement and embroidery details.

While many of our Collection and Leisure items are offered in multiple colors and other variations, a monogram is another way to make a garment or home item unique to you and distinguish you in a world of mass production and fast fashion. When you monogram an item, you are saying that it is meant to last.


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