Alabama Chanin Valentine's Day Love

LOVE ____.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Explore the links below to discover who, what, and where we love.

Love yourself.

Love your family, friends, and neighbors.  

Love good company.  

Love your team.

Love the planet.

Love good food.  

Love to travel.

Love to create.  

Love to inspire.        

Love to be inspired.  

Love to learn.

Love to dream.

Love to dance.  

Love a good workout.

Love your clothes.

Love to listen.

Love your thread.

Love letters.

Love a good book(s).

Love fresh air.

Love unexpected friendships. 

Love a good night’s sleep.

Love __________.

Spread the love. Leave us a comment in this post telling us who or what you love.  And visit our Instagram stories @alabamachanin for a template to tag someone or something you love.

Happy love day.

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