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“Alabama Chanin as a business was founded on the idea of a quilting stitch. And although it took me months to realize that I was actually quilting as I pieced together those first cut up t-shirts, the knowledge of those quilting stitches came from my most elemental childhood experiences. Growing up in the South, at the time of my upbringing, quilts were simply a part of everyday life. ” ― Natalie Chanin, from “Quilt Local: Dayton No. 2.” Published on the Alabama Chanin Journal, February 2016.

2020 is a special year here at Alabama Chanin. It marks 20 years of Natalie creating— creating heirloom garments, creating a sustainable, organic supply chain, creating a business, and creating a community of makers from around the world. As we honor this milestone, we look back through the Journal archives to what started it all: quilting.

November 2007: Yarn + Thread

January 2010: Recipes, Gravy, + Blackberry Farm

June 2010: American Flag Quilt

January 2012: Blanket Statement: Quilting for a Cause

July 2012: Watershed Fried Chicken + Quilt

June 2013: Indigo Flag Quilt

July 2015: Alabama on Alabama

July 2015: Stella Ishii: 6397 + Alabama Chanin

January 2016: Stitch: A 22-Minute Documentary

In Alabama: “Fabric of Their Lives:” the quilters of Gee’s Bend

The Love Tee

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Core Essentials and Core Club get a refresh.

@ The School of Making
More explorations into the Year of Color.

Lead image, from top left:

Cut. Chop. Cook. quilt
Vintage quilt with organic cotton, 2012

Alabama Chanin X Stella Ishii collaboration quilt,
Repurposed denim, 2015

Alabama Chanin X Heath Ceramics collaboration quilt,
Overdyed vintage quilt with organic cotton, 2015

Watershed Fried Chicken quilt,
Organic cotton, 2012

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