During this time of uncertainty, we are thinking of the wellbeing of those in our lives—especially elderly parents and grandparents, children, immunocompromised friends, neighbors, and coworkers, local businesses, and restaurants struggling to stay open and pay their employees. Though these thoughts are inevitable (and completely normal), we also know self-care and retreat are vital for one’s own mental and physical health.

Many of you may have explored your Enneagram type with us recently, through Journal posts and at The Factory during our No Bullshit Breakfast: Enneagram series. The Enneagram helps you dive deeper into understanding your personality and, as a result, understand the best resources to help yourself cope with stressful times. To expand on those resources, Jessica Turner, a member of our Executive Leadership Team, has created a guide of at-home, self-care activities based on each personality type.

And as we are all staying home more, social distancing, and making the best of #TogetherApart, we hope this guide will make your time at home feel more like the retreat it was before the COVID-19 outbreak. Along with activities, our Enneagram guide also recommends our favorite Leisure pieces for each personality type.

Yesterday we posted an update to our Leisure Collection; crafted from lush jersey, knit, and waffle fabrics, these pieces make your time spent at home more comfortable.

Explore our Self-Care Enneagram Guide below and learn more about the Enneagram typing system here.

(P.S.: It’s good to keep in mind that at a time like this your type has a tendency to frequent your stress number. We encourage you to take time to understand your stress number’s retreat methods too.)

The Caftan Tunic + The Waffle Skirt

Type 1
Stress Number: 4

The situation that we are facing as a culture is out of our control. It also attacks the hope you carry for a perfect world. Create space to accept that and to find within this imperfect moment, beauty. Even the beauty within yourself that’s waiting to be uncovered. Journal and record what’s good in the midst of glaring imperfection.


The Waffle Tunic 

Type 2
Stress Number: 8

Allow yourself to be alone. Do not take anything or anyone to distract you. Maybe go for a walk or a take a hike, and within that space, practice loving and giving to yourself as much as you love and give to those around you. 


The Caftan Dress

Type 3
Stress Number: 9

Create alone time for yourself. Use that opportunity to identify the emotions you’ve continued to hold back. Once you find those emotions, acknowledge them and find a way of channeling them into a productive action, then let them go. 

Light your favorite candle and take one of Taryn Toomey’s virtual classes. Afterward, sit in silence and just breathe.

The Hoodie + The Jogger Skirt

Type 4
Stress Number: 2

Create a sacred space to recognize that your feelings are too much; maybe even for you. Draw a bath, light a candle, and play your favorite playlist and remember all that matters is that you understand you’re beautiful as you are, and you are enough. This will help bring clarity to your relationships and bring you peace.


Cozy Waffle Wrap

Type 5
Stress Number: 7

You may find you’re thriving in social distancing, but the anxiety is still there. Shut down your mind, step away from the news, and acknowledge the beauty in life even while not having the answers. Immerse yourself in a good fiction book or story and allow yourself the ability to be captivated by an alternate reality.


The Jogger + The Essential Rib Top

Type 6
Stress Number: 3

You have the ability to grab ahold of fear. This is a courageous tool; to channel this courage, work with your hands as much as possible— cleaning, sewing, baking, knitting, and crafting. This will bring you some much needed mental relief.


Long Sleeve Waffle Sweatshirt

Type 7
Stress Number: 1

Quiet your desire to do the next thing. Go outside and explore right where you are and do not forget that there is much wonder and excitement to be found in your own heart.


The Lady Boxer + The Boyfriend Tee

Type 8
Stress Number: 5

Surrender during this season of uncertainty. Try downloading the Headspace app and meditate once a week or more. Consent to some rest during this time of solitude. You will find peace in your surrender and be able to lead with your heart rather than from a place of control. 


Oversized Waffle Throw + The Camisole Dress

Type 9
Stress Number: 6

Use this time to find your inner strength. Pick up the phone and call someone or create a piece of artwork you’ve been thinking about making. Be quiet enough to hear what you’ve been denying yourself; then give it to yourself. 

We welcome you to give us a call to talk about which styles best suit you. Our personal stylist, Carlisle, can be reached at 256-760-1090 ext. 105 and

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