“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” ― James Beard

Restaurants have been one of the hardest hit industries during this pandemic, and, as their lifeline in the supply chain, many farmers are also deeply affected. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, these eateries and gathering places were the hearts of countless communities across the country. With so much uncertainty surrounding these businesses currently, this week we want to share resources that offer advice on the best ways you can support restaurants and farmers in your local area. We also are sharing a few of the local eateries dear to our hearts here in The Shoals. We encourage you, as we are, to support your local farmers, restaurants, and bars safely and if you are able to right now. Share with us in the comments some of your favorite memories from the restaurants in your community.

P.S.: In case you missed it, read back on our post about Lisa Donovan, saving restaurants, and a recipe for Sweet Potato Yeast Rolls to make while we are #TogetherApart.

“12 Ways to Support Local Restaurants Without Leaving Home”

Odette: Florence, Alabama (We’ve hosted their chefs Josh Quick, Ramone Jacobsen, and Fatin Russel for our past Supper Clubs at The Factory.)

Trowbridge’s Ice Cream Parlor and Sandwich Shop: Florence, Alabama

Bluewater Creek Farm: Killen, Alabama

“Restaurants Get Creative Amid Coronavirus”

Save Local Restaurants

Rivertown Coffee: Florence, Alabama

“Serve Your Servers: How to Help Restaurant Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic”

Staggs Diner: Florence, Alabama

“How You Should Get Food During the Pandemic”

Rattlesnake Saloon: Tuscumbia, Alabama

The James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund

@ Alabama Chanin
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