On Friday, we shared a response to the Coronavirus outbreak, announcing the postponement of our events in March and April, the temporary closure of our store, and our efforts to maintain a safe and responsible workplace and supply chain for our team and guests. If you missed it, we encourage you to read it here.

Alabama Chanin continues to take all necessary precautions to maintain a healthy work environment. We are closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds and following the CDC’s guidance for businesses and employers. We have thoughtfully put protocols into place to safeguard our team. Anyone who is able to is working remotely, our production areas have been rearranged, meetings are limited, interactions are kept at least at a six-foot distance, workspaces are being sanitized daily, and our team has a continued focus on handwashing.

As a business owner, Natalie takes great responsibility for her team—both physically, emotionally, and fiscally. Alabama Chanin is a small (but mighty) business that is deeply rooted in our community and integral to the company’s mission is to provide employment opportunities that celebrate the rich history of textile creation in our region.

As we take this fluid situation day-by-day, we believe it is important for us to proceed with our originally planned programming. By offering this programing in a safe manner, we are able to continue to provide financial security to our team through the good work that we do. We will continue to work in this manner as we monitor the situation.

If you’ve booked an event with us and have questions or would like to make an appointment, please reach out to Catherine at 256-760-1090 ext. 114 or ac@alabamachanin.com.

If you’d like to shop with us virtually, talk with Carlisle at 256-760-1090 ext. 105 or email sales@alabamachanin.com.

Bonnie is here to answer all your questions about The School of Making at 256-760-1090 ext. 113 or workshops@alabamachanin.com

(Beautiful) lead image from friend and photographer Rinne Allen. Jump over to her Instagram for inspiration. #holdstillkeepgoing

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