As information changes daily, we’re all working around the clock to understand how to integrate this protective equipment into our daily lives. Due to an overwhelming response, our masks may now require three to four weeks for production. If you require immediate protection, please consult these links below for patterns and instructions to create your own mask. 


Makers and home sewers are rallying all across the world to make cloth masks for health care workers and first responders in their communities and beyond. This is a time when we truly see the power and importance of making as a means for national security.

Our development team is focusing all of their efforts on the production of the ready-made masks and is unable to develop an open source pattern with instructions to our standards right now.  We’ve come across countless patterns, instructions, and tutorials that have been shared to make your own face masks and recommend searching out one of those. Use our scraps or scraps from your own supply or cut up t-shirts. Our friend Joey Leavitt sent this article along, which has very good information about materials.

CDC ­– includes wear and cleaning guidelines and instructions to make your own cloth face covering

The New York Times – how to make your own fabric face mask from common household materials with a downloadable pattern

1 Million Masks – Cloth Face Mask Instructions

Make Face Masks – recommended by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Public Health


We are still accepting donations to support our ongoing face masks production efforts, as we strive to meet as many needs as possible. We have been able to provide assistance to these local organizations: Florence Police Department, Glenwood Assisted Living, and Morningside Nursing Home and are in the process of ramping up our production to provide additional services for hospitals and clinics in our region. We are supplying these high-quality masks to regional facilities and organizations under financial strain that may otherwise not be able to afford additional resources. Donations and order sponsorships will go directly to the cost of materials and labor used to produce these masks. 

You can also purchase masks as gifts, and we will ship directly to the recipient and include a signed or anonymous donor note. All we need is a note from you and the recipient’s shipping address. (Please note the three – four week lead production time.)

Here are additional resources where you can get connected with where and how to donate. 

Find the Mask – helps you find where you can donate your masks or other personal protective equipment in your local area. You can search by state. 

Masks for Heroes – helps you connect to health care and first responder organizations that are in need. 

We Need Masks – a project of the Sewing and Craft Alliance that connects sewists and health care organizations to fill their needs. 


We continue to offer our Reusable Non-Medical Grade Face Masks made from double-layered, 100% Organic Cotton. The mask has a tight weave and interior pocket for an option to insert filters to create another barrier for further protection. These masks are washable and reusable, and designed to meet the medical standards for COVID-19 medical providers in an effort to support the prevention of the spread of this disease.

We were included on a list along with other designers and manufacturers, who are making ready-made cloth face masks available to the public. Find additional sources here and here. (Note some of these companies are currently out of stock; due to high demand and our own production is now three to four weeks out.)


Safety is paramount to us at Alabama Chanin in our everyday operations. For the past few weeks, our team members have been wearing masks while at work, in addition to daily temperate checks, extra sanitation measures, and social distancing. The past week, guidelines from the CDC were announced that strongly recommend Americans wear cloth face coverings in public settings to prevent the spread of the virus. All N95 masks should be reserved for health care workers and first responders. 

Let’s be kind to one another, stay home (#togetherapart), and practice social distancing and wear a mask if you must get out. 

We recommend that you research and vet all organizations before donating or contributing to their initiatives. 


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  1. Mara Wagner

    The peak of the dangerous time in Massachusetts is imminent, so with the 3 to 4 week production time, may I cancel the order I made earlier today? I will follow the instructions to make masks at home.

    1. Erin Dailey

      Hello Mara,

      We completely understand, and our guest services coordinator will be in touch about your order. Stay safe and be well.

  2. Patricia M Singler

    I have leftover Alabama Chanin fabric – this fabric is appropriate for masks?
    Pat Singler

    1. Alabama Chanin

      Hi Mitzi,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It has been corrected and listed below as well for your convenience!

      Small – We recommend this size for children or adults with a very narrow face.

      Medium – Our most flexible size, fits most adults and is intended for average-width face—from narrow to wide.

      Large – This size is recommended adults with a wide, long, or broad face.

  3. Samantha

    How do you recommend washing your masks? Can they be put in the washing machine? Hot water? Delicate? Don’t want to ruin them, but don’t want to stay safe! Thanks so much! ~Sam

    1. Alabama Chanin

      Hi Samantha,

      Here are our Care notes. You can also find these on the product page under the ‘Care’ section. Thanks!

      Machine washable for reuse. Any additional filters should be removed from interior pockets and discarded or washed separately depending on use.

      Wash before wearing and wash with detergent in warm to hot water, dry on medium to high heat.

      Avoid bleach and boiling temperatures to preserve elastic and extend the lifespan of the mask.

      For use, insert any clean filter into the interior pocket of a clean mask. Masks and filters should be washed separately after each exposure.

      Place filters in a mesh laundry bag and wash separately with detergent in warm to hot water. Dry on a medium to high heat.

  4. Cindy Sweeney

    Just received my masks yesterday. I’m staying home as much as possible, but having a few chronic health conditions means that when I do go out, it’s a good idea to wear a mask. Yours fits much better than what I was able to make on my own, and the elastic on yours is much more comfortable than other styles that go around the ears. Thanks!

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  7. Cliff D

    Hi, is there a template available for the inserts that go in the masks?
    We just received our 4 small and medium masks and would like to cut out some inserts for them.

    We’re using vacuum bags.


  8. Cliff D

    Hopefully this comment sticks. Is there a pattern available to cut out filter inserts for the small and medium masks?
    We just purchased 4 masks and would like to put in filters.


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