In this time of COVID-19 and great unrest, we’ve been looking for projects that are easy to execute with on-hand materials. String Quilting is an age-old technique that uses scraps and leftovers to create something new. We’re sharing here the instructions for String Quilting and the String-Quilted Pillow project from Alabama Studio Style, which is soon to be retired. (If you don’t yet have a copy, reserve yours here.) The idea for this project is to use what’s on hand and what you have available—which Natalie’s grandmother referred to as “stringing.” 

“This title may have come from the concept, while she was growing up, that everyone used to  just “string along” in their daily lives by piecing together meals from the woods, garden, and barnyard; clothes and quilts from sacks and  leftovers; and houses made from materials right on their land.” 

This technique is perfect for unearthing fabric scraps you have available in your home sewing studio to piece them together.  

Instructions for the technique are below and shown on our Corset Pattern.

The pillow is String Quilted and then stenciled with our Angie’s Fall design, but you can use any stencil you have on hand, create your own, or leave it unadorned.

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  1. Éva

    I love that book and Angie’s Fall… along with the Faded series. I also began stitching leftover scraps together – for the same reasons mentioned here – but to add a layer and visual interest to the Coverup I have. It’ll be the perfect piece to wear – even if just around the house – for now.

  2. Cindy

    If I wanted to use this technique to make a throw blanket, do you think it needs a backing, or would a single layer hold up ok?