“We press onward to design and produce in a way that will stand the test of time and holistically benefit the environment, people, and global communities.” 

A Note to our Guests: 

Last month, we shared a message about the care we are taking for our team members, our unwavering supply chain, and our value system amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. All of us at Alabama Chanin and The School of Making continue to look to our guiding principles of quality, impeccable service, unified teams, organic, local, regional, and domestic sourcing during this uncertain time.  

We value you and your support, and wholeheartedly understand the urgent need for face masks right now. We are proud that we can make these items, supporting our team members and communities across our country and around the globe.  

Our sewing team in Building 14 sets BIG goals daily and is working diligently to reach them. Last week, we began working with our independent contractors—our talented artisans—to support us in producing more masks. We have scaled every part of our entire operation to manage the influx of orders in the most efficient manner. Our production and fulfillment process takes a careful synchronization; as you can imagine, it’s a puzzle with a lot of moving parts.  

We also heard lots of requests for us to release our face mask pattern. When it comes to developing our open-source patterns and projects, our process is meticulous. Putting something together quickly at this time is not possible to meet and maintain our quality standards. Every team member who is able is currently working hard to make masks for our guests and institutions across the nation. If you are able and want to make a mask, we encourage you to seek out the hundreds of resources that have been made available through generous organizations, businesses, and individuals over the past few weeks.  

Here’s an updated list of sources: 

Fashion Girls for Humanity – To address the shortage of PPE, they have compiled a list of free patterns and video tutorials for masks and gowns, including home sew patterns and open source Gerber and 3d printer files. In less than a week, they received over 10,000 downloads.  

State the Label – Our friends in Athens, Georgia, have adapted a pattern design that has been approved by their local hospital. They share it along with instructions and images. 

The New York Times – how to make your own fabric face mask from common household materials with a downloadable pattern 

CDC – They also offer answers to commonly asked questions like how to properly wear a mask and safely take one off.  

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Carlisle: or 256-760-1090 ext. 105 
Catherine: or 256-760-1090 ext. 114 
Robin: or 256-760-1090 

Our guest experience team is hard at work and has had an influx of emails and calls, so it might be a minute until they are able to get back to you, but be assured your care is a top priority for us.  

Stay well this season,  
All of us @ Alabama Chanin 

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  1. Jill Ewert

    I am more sad than mad that you have even written here that you are not releasing the mask pattern . On the website, on April 2 , I ordered two masks for my daughter in NYC . I paid the same amount for shipping as for 2 masks so they could arrive on the 5th , Saturday, if there was delivery service from Fedex on Saturdays. ( I think it was that shipping company) I called the day after I ordered , which was Friday April 3rd to see if the delivery would be on Saturday, given I paid $24.00 for Next Day Service . When I called I found out that the masks wouldn’t be ready for shipping for another week and a half . Ok , that was not made at all clear when I ordered.
    I called back after the email came saying that it would now be 3- 4 weeks before the masks were ready to send out . I wanted to know if my order would fall into that category. I was told no , they should go out in 1- 1/2 weeks . They have not arrived yet , though it’s only been 10 days since I ordered, just about a week and a half . I’ll be calling tomorrow for an update on when they will be sent to my daughter. To see the answer to the question “many have asked” about the pattern being released is a bit infuriating, . I respect the ideals and business you run but like many I could never buy anything but the books , your fabric and “do it myself” . However I do not respect the choice you’ve made here . I could have made the masks and sent them to my daughter way before now using the AC knit fabric I have purchased from AC . The answer to not release your pattern , even though there are many patterns out there, is a disservice given the circumstances. Again , I am mad but more than that, sad . Very sad.

  2. Jill Ewert

    An update to my complaint yesterday ; I found some other resources after feeling so powerless. Sailrite in Indiana has done powerful research themselves and have made a pattern and sourced closer to medical grade materials available to DIY’ers . Thank you AC for spurring me on , turning my frustration and disappointment into action and a better solution .