At Alabama Chanin, we are in passionate pursuit to design, responsibly produce, and offer products and experiences that enrich life, community, and the planet. 

We value inclusivity in our team, our collaborations, our partnerships, and in the fashion industry.  

Part of our mission reads to “show love and care in all our actions.” We pride ourselves in creating clothing with love and care—for every person and for everyday wear. 

Our Core Essentials are the perfect examples. They are designed to help build a sustainable wardrobe that will carry us anywhere: from home to the sidewalk to the office (sometimes also at home), and beyond. They are made to make us feel good—about our bodies, about ourselves, our actions, and our impact in all ways.  

Explore our Core Essentials.  

Our Guest Experience Team is here to connect. Reach out if you have any questions at all. 

Carlisle Sandy  
256.760.1090 ext. 105 |

Catherine Counts 
256.760.1090 ext. 114 | 

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