As part of our ongoing efforts to assist in the COVID-19 crisis by making face masks, we are expanding our work through Fashion Girls for Humanity (FGFH), a nonprofit organization founded by Julie Gilhart, Kikka Hanazawa, Miki Higasa, and Tomoko Ogura in the wake of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. Since then, the organization has evolved to bring humanitarian services and funds to communities in need across the globe, using their resources among fashion and design industry professionals. In line with their mission, FGFH has created a fund called Fashion Girls for the Front Lines, partnering with Fashion for the Front Lines – a consortium of significant designers, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors who are organizing to help produce and distribute PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment.   

FGFH has partnered with luxury consigners The Real Real and a number of noted designers to create a limited number of unique masks; we are grateful to join the team of design professionals who are working on this project. We are creating and selling a limited number of face masks. Masks can be purchased in bundles of two – one made of our custom Alabama Chanin organic fabric, and another, called the Free Form, made of drop cloths from our stenciling department. Each drop cloth mask will be completely unique, as it will reflect different colors and stencils used in our designs. 

Bundles can be purchased here from The Real Real. The specific mask design we are using is identical to the masks we have created for health-care institutions, ensuring it fits a wide range of face shapes and can be worn with a medical mask underneath, if needed. This mask design also features tie closures, rather than elastic bands.   

Thirty percent of the proceeds will go directly to Fashion Girls for the Front Lines. 

Check the Fashion Girls for Humanity website and social media outlets for more information on other designers participating in the effort. 

Donate to Fashion Girls for the Front Lines so they can continue providing critical PPE to frontline medical workers.   

Find our Alabama Chanin and Free Form masks here


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