Beginning in 2013, Natalie and The School of Making made a series of virtual sewing classes in partnership with Bluprint, an online platform that offers creative tutorials and videos. At the end of May, their CEO announced that Bluprint will be closing over the next few months. We have heard from many in our community of makers with concerns about what this means.  

You can read a letter from their CEO here. For now, we know they are looking at various options to allow those of you who have purchased individual classes to receive a copy of your classes. This includes individual classes purchased with forever credits. They are also planning to issue prorated refunds for paid subscribers based on the last day their service will be available, which will be communicated when that date is finalized in the near future.  

As we learn more details, we’ll share them here. And look for our own online learning programs in the future.  

Thank you for your continued support,  
Natalie and all of us @ The School of Making  


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  1. Evelyn c Davenport

    I too was very sad to hear of the closing of Bluprint. I have 359 purchased and some free classes with them, which I acquired over the lifespan of Craftsy/Bluprint. Your classes (3) were favorites of mine. I always thought I could pick up a kit there when time allowed. I hope you will keep providing kits in the future.
    Best Wishes
    Evelyn Davenport

  2. Virginia McClain Miller

    Another comment about how much we love your bluprint classes. I can’t imagine not having access to them. Of course I’m interested in your online learning programs, but I’m also hoping to have continued access to your Craftsy/Bluprint classes. I love your work. Onward, Virginia Miller

  3. K golson

    I’m very sad to see the classes go. I have relied on their inspiration and instructions.
    I did prefer the website when it was Craftsy. So many more options for patterns and supplies.

  4. Cathy Allen

    Thank you for your support regarding the closure of BluPrint. Yours was the first class I signed up to take in an online format – The swing skirt and then The Geometry of Stitching. These and other fine sewing, quilting and couture classes online first through Craftsy then BluPrint became my sewing lifeline as I don’t live near an urban area that has these learning opportunities. I’ve traveled to SanFrancisco to Vermont & France to find expert instruction. During this time of a Pandemic it is particularly disappointing to have Safe access to this great resource of expert instruction taken away from us like so many other things we enjoyed and benefitted from and could have accessed and looked forward to during this time of isolation for so many creatives. I fear the motivation to dissolve this wonderful resource for all of us was motivated by corporate greed – I hope not. Corporations might get their lesson soon. The economy IS people. People need to look out for each other. Greed is another mechanism of treating people badly. Thank you for your generous sharing of knowledge and the learning opportunities and materials you provide. I love your books & beautiful creations.
    Best Regards

  5. Elizabeth Bratcher

    I recently signed up for a year subscription to Bluprint during the corona virus lockdown (just before the CEO letter from Bluprint). I just discovered your 3 classes and would very much like to receive/purchase a copy of these classes before Bluprint closes down. I love Natalie Chanin’s techniques and she is a wonderful instructor. I am a newcomer to Alabama Chanin and would like to be able to watch the videos repeatedly so I can hopefully master many of the stitches. I purchased all 5 of her books (all excellent) and the videos are such a big help You are so gracious to share your knowledge and techniques.
    Thank you in advance for your time, help and for your consideration.
    Best Wishes,
    Elizabeth Bratcher

  6. Cheryl trainor

    Your classes are amazing, both in person and online. You and your team have a gift for making elaborate techniques approachable. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world in all forms!

  7. Jessica Sager

    I was overjoyed to see they found a buyer, and that the buyer seems interested in returning it back to Craftsy, noting the sentiment of so many subscribers. It was terrible to think of all that talent locked away in a virtual closet. I hope your classes will remain there. I’m planning a swing skirt as I type!