“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” ― Bill Cunningham 

Long a fixture in women’s closets since the Victorian era ended and corsets fell by the wayside, house dresses have had many incarnations over the decades. From long and loose “Mother Hubbard” dresses to the recognizable uniform of a 1950’s housewife, house dresses have been an indispensable garment to working women of all ages and backgrounds.  

2020 brought the boom of the work-from-home culture, and the desire to feel and look fashionable while doing so has ushered in a new area for the house dress. This week we look back at its history and share our modern and sustainable take on this wardrobe staple.  

“The House Dress is Here to Rescue 2020” 

Our Slip Dress 

“Pop-over Dress” from Claire McCardell 

Our Caftan Dress 

Nelly Don Dresses 

Montgomery Ward Catalog, 1942 

Our Caftan Tunic 

Swirl Dresses 

Our Waffle Caftan  

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