Lena Wolff & Lexi Visco’s VOTE PostersAhead of the critical November 2020 election, Wolff and Visco designed new 2020 posters to send across the country en masse. After fundraising and with support from a grant from the Berkeley Civic Arts Commission for the project, six variations of 30,000 VOTE posters and 25,000 postcards to voters were sent to over 100 towns and cities in key battleground states as a free public art project in mid-September. Graphically, the posters include the use of spare visual symbols that reference nature and American quilt patterns, drawing upon iconography that speaks to hope. The Factory serves as a pickup location for these posters. Find out how to get yours at the bottom of this post.  

“Voting is a civic sacrament.” ― Theodore Hesburgh 

The United States presidential election is only a few short weeks away and many states are already offering early in-person voting. At this crucial time in our country, it is now more important than ever to make your voice heard. Your vote is your voice. This week we share more resources on the voting process and links to organizations that can provide you with voting information specific to your state and local community.  

The Process: 

The Presidential Election Process 

Definitions of Common Voting and Election Terms 

Voter ID Requirements 

National Mail Voter Registration Form (available in 15 languages) 

Voting in Your Community: 

Find your state or local election office website here 

“Help America Vote” + National Poll Worker Recruitment 

The 2020 Federal Elections: Key Dates and Information by State 

Getting to the Polls: 

“Ride to Vote: Helping More People Get to the Polls on Election Day,” from Lyft 

“Our 2020 Get Out The Vote Efforts,” from Uber 

Volunteer Transportation Providers 

Additional Resources: 

FVAP: Voting assistance for Service members, their families and overseas citizens 

Rock the Vote 

“America’s Founding Documents” from the National Archives 

In Alabama: Alabama’s deadline to register is today: online by 11:59 p.m.; by mail postmarked by Oct. 19th; and in-person by close of business today. Find your state’s deadline here.  

@ Alabama Chanin 

Find new updates on including the release of the The Florence Collection and Natalie’s Favorites, a selection of her favorite quintessential Alabama Chanin styles. 

@ The School of Making 

Last week, we introduced Color Palette Bundle #4, a fabric and notion bundle representing a spectrum of botanical-inspired colors and everything we love about ecology, the environment, and our planet. Learn more about the inspiration behind it here.  

@ The Factory 

The Factory is a pickup location for Lena Wolff & Lexi Visco’s VOTE Posters. This is a project that launched in 2018 and continues to promote voting in this election. Any local or regional guests are welcome to reach out to our team and schedule a time to pick up a poster at The Factory.  All posters are free thanks to generous donations made towards the project. Please contact: 

Catherine Counts  
+1.256.760.1090 x 114       

Carlisle Sandy   
+1.256.760.1090 x 105       

Due to COVID-19, The Factory is open by appointment only. Guests are required to wear face masks throughout the duration of their appointments and we have masks available if needed. Until further notice, we will be checking temperatures for all guests, team members, and anyone entering The Factory. Should you have any questions about our safety procedures, please reach out during our store hours Monday – Friday from 10am – 2pm.        

Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with our sales team.       

Contact us to learn more about local same-day delivery on select pieces, or with any other questions.       

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