From top left: Suns Apron detail, Suns Tee, Suns Apron development, Suns Apron, and Suns Apron detail from Hable Construction x Alabama Chanin Collaboration; “Susan Hable painting in her studio”, 2017 by Rinne Allen

“Through collaborating, great things are possible.” 

At Alabama Chanin, we thrive when collaborating with others. It brings out the best in us as a company–it makes us articulate our beliefs and reminds us of why we do what we do. Collaboration also challenges us to become better, since we learn from the design approaches, business methods, and goals of our collaborators. We walk away from each partnership stronger and smarter. 

Our brand has a deep history of collaboration; collaborating with other artists and artisans adds depth and meaning to our work that we might not otherwise see.  

Today, we announce a new collaboration with Hable Construction, resulting in an organic canvas apron and raglan-style tee. 



Sisters Susan and Katharine Hable founded the Athens, Georgia-based design company Hable Construction in 1999. Like us, Hable is celebrating 20 years of creating beautiful and functional goods for sustainable, everyday living. All of their products are created by skilled artists and artisans, employing traditional screen-printing techniques for their fabrics in an old New England factory, as well as utilizing a North Carolina factory that has created furniture for generations.  

With two decades of business under their belt, Hable Construction continues to grow and produces fabric and furniture lines, fine art, and are featured in interior design showrooms worldwide. Operating on the belief that the layering of color, texture, and form inspires, Hable Construction creates bold and graphic designs showcasing colorful, hand-drawn patterns that have become the hallmark of their aesthetic.  

The Suns Apron and Suns Tee feature a graphic print designed by Hable that is hand-painted onto our organic fabric by our stenciling team at The Factory.  This collaboration creates utilitarian pieces with our shared values of good design and quality, American-made products.  



In 2014, we began a partnership with Patagonia repurposing down jackets into one-of-a-kind scarves. The reclaimed scarf was developed as a solution for the jacket’s end-of-life problem—where does it go now? Through this ongoing zero-waste project, we are using responsible manufacturing to create new products from those that would normally be discarded. With circular design, each garment ideally remains sustainable from its creation, throughout its life, until the end of its use.  



Founded in 1948 by Edith Heath, Heath Ceramics is owned by friends Cathy Bailey and Robin Petrovic, who have grown the company into one that designs, manufactures, and retails goods for tabletop and home. We’ve been collaborating with Heath Ceramics since 2011 with the introduction of an etched dinnerware line. Natalie creates the designs that are produced at Heath’s ceramics factory in Sausalito, California. The pieces are hand etched by Heath artists who interpret the work we do at Alabama Chanin using their own medium—clay.  In addition to the dinnerware, we also offer jewelry in collaboration with Heath. Their philosophies, their processes, and their intentions—dedication to craftsmanship, design, and American-made goods—all align closely with our own. 

Shop our Horizontal Bird’s Nest Necklace, Bird’s Nest Bread & Butter Plate, and find all of our Alabama Chanin x Heath dinnerware collection in Cook + Dine 


We’ve been working with Little River Sock Mill since 2014 to produce American-made, organic sock designs exclusively for Alabama Chanin. Our hometown of Florence was once known as the T-shirt Capital of The World, and another northern Alabama town—Fort Payne (home to Little River Sock Mill)—held the title of Sock Capital of The World. We find common ground in continuing the legacies of manufacturing in our communities and working with organic cotton in our products. All of our socks are quality made from a blend of organic cotton, nylon, and elastic—providing amazing comfort and great fit. 


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