The evening sings in a voice of amber, the dawn is surely coming.”  
—Al Stewart  

Amber begins as a soft resin that eventually becomes stronger with time. Because it begins in a malleable and fluid state, it can collect ancient insects, water, and natural elements as it changes form. For that reason, one might consider it an old soul – a time capsule of life itself.  

In Latin, it roughly translates to “beaming sun,” and is part of mythical stories where women were turned into trees and their tears to amber. In some Asian cultures, it was considered the “soul of the tiger,” and the stone of courage. Many carried Amber for protection during travel. 

The “stone of the sun,” it can be found in the warmest of colors – yellows, oranges, and sunset browns. Amber clears the mind and attracts positive energy and good luck. It is among the most patient and wise of colors.

Lead image clockwise from left: Ollie Top; The Florence Polo; Left: “61 Final design. Shape very simple. Interesting textural effects in paint suggest stitchery”; Right: “62 Cabbage embroidered on yellow-grey furnishing fabric on black, greys, yellows, and white. Result derives from original drawing as well as from experiments” by Shelia Bruce, First Year from Design in Embroidery, 1969 by Kathleen Whyte (pages 76–77); Chandler Jacket; Gina Smock; “Untitled (There is a consciousness we all have…)”, 1988 by Glenn Ligon via the Museum of Modern Art.

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