Alabama Chanin Organic Cotton Women's Designs in Basic and Floral Prints for the Soften Colletion


After winning the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge in 2013, Natalie shared that “part of the appeal of being a designer, for me, is the act of bringing not only products but also systems of making to life.” 

It’s not about the end, but rather, the entire.

Under Natalie’s creative direction, the Alabama Chanin production, design, and media teams have spent the better half of the last nine months conceptualizing and developing a new Collection and website.

Today is the day we present this proud work. 

The new has a lot to unpack. 

Explore the newly evolved Alabama Chanin Collection, as we continue to celebrate over 20 years of sustainable design. Look for new, modern silhouettes and classic embroideries from our archives. We’ll be sharing more about the inspiration in the coming weeks. 

The School of Making also sees its share of updates and offerings—including new DIY Kit colorways. 

Use our Site Map to help find your way.

Take a look around.

Tell us if there are any hiccups. Tell us what you love. Tell us what we can do better.

Email us at or call us at 256-760-1090.

We want to thank the team at Lemonade—our new website design and development team—who worked alongside us on this project. 

For us, the entire represents the evolution and the process. We’re grateful to everyone who is on this journey with us.

Happy Exploring.

P.S.: If you have frequented our site recently, we suggest refreshing your web browser’s cache to make sure you have the most up-to-date information from our site.


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  1. Dan Cranor

    Hey Natalie…
    I admire what you are doing.
    As a designer, maker (cabinets and furniture), problem solver, and cheerleader for residential clients and workers, I mostly just encourage understanding of and participation in the task at hand. Yes about the end result, but it tends to take care of itself if the doing is honored.
    You are doing some very cool stuff.
    Keep going.

  2. Patricia

    I canning get enough of Alabama Chanin’s fashion designs. I come from the LA Fashion District in the 1980s and worked in appliqué design, similar to Natalie. I would love one day to come to the factory and take a class and see the process.

    There isn’t much I get excited about lately but seeing the new designs coming out of AC is something I look forward to.

    Love everything Natalie and the AC gang!
    Patricia Hill
    San Francisco, Bay Area

    1. Alabama Chanin

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Patricia, and we look forward to seeing you at The Factory.