“Both light and shadow are the dance of love.” – Rumi 

From top left: Maggie’s Dream Poncho Kit; The Studio Bundle #1; Maggie’s Dream Fabric Detail; The Marie Cropped Car Jacket; Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes by Dana Thomas; and Maggie’s Dream Long Skirt Kit.

At The School of Making, stenciling is a cornerstone of our design process. We use stencils to transfer decorative patterns onto our fabrics, and the patterns act as guides for our embroideries. Our newest series of DIY Kits experiments with a new layered stenciling technique we call Maggie’s Dream. In its development, we explored the use of pattern and color. The relationship of the shapes and colors suggests the interplay between light and shadow—dancing together in a dream-like state.  

The Maggie’s Dream Kit series uses our classic Magdalena Stencil and is intended to be made without embroidery, showcasing the unique graphic pattern.  

From top left: Magdalena Stencil; The Jumpsuit Kit in Peacock; Maggie’s Dream Frances Dress; Beauty Everyday, 2013 by Rinne AllenKristen Bach, and Rebecca Wood (page 397); Maggie’s Dream Frances Tee; and Alabama Studio Sewing + Design.

The series includes six styles: Maggie Dress, Maggie Top, Poncho, Frances Dress, Frances Tee, and Long Skirt.   

While developing this new application, we experimented with many variations of stencil placement and paint color until we settled on a harmonious design.  

From top left: Maggie’s Dream Top Kit with The Essential Skirt in Black; The Faded Maggie Keyhole Tunic Kit; “Drawing for a Large Painting, 1”, 1970 by Barrie Cook from Bonded Spirits exhibition at Lemon Street Gallery; The Crop Pant Kit in Black; Textile Paint in Pearl Silver; Needles; and Maggie’s Dream Dress Kit.

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And remember, don’t be afraid to dance (or experiment), you never know where it may lead.  

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  1. Karin Grindstad

    What an intriguing technique and color combination with a fabulous outcome! Can’t wait to stitch up the skirt I just ordered. Am in awe of the creativity that continues to thrive over the years. Thank you for the ongoing inspiration!