“Our goal is to accurately and respectfully retell the story of textiles—from farm to finished product—and the way the act of making textiles shaped the lives of the communities and the individuals of those communities.” — Project Threadways’ Mission Statement 

Since 2016, the now non-profit Project Threadways has been exploring material culture and the effects textile production had on the communities directly involved. By collecting first-hand accounts of individuals working within the textile industry and partnering with like-minded organizations and people, Project Threadways works to, responsibly and truthfully, tell the larger story of the textile culture of the South. And by telling these stories, Project Threadways envisions a healthier future in which textiles are an integral part of growing communities and where material culture can be a source of reconciliation and communal growth. 

The Project Threadways Symposiums bring this vision to the public. We invite you to join us for this year’s virtual symposium: Textiles Across Time and Place. You can learn about ticket opportunities here and explore Project Threadways more in-depth through the links below.  

Project Threadways Symposium 2021: 

Textiles Across Time and Place 

Schedule of Events + Presenters 

About Project Threadways: 

Mission, Vision, + Values 


On the Journal: 

The Project Threadways “Notes from the Field” series 

”Project Threadways: Shifts in Textiles” 

Additional Resources + Textile Stories: 

Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area 

Center for the Study of Southern Culture, at the University of Mississippi  

MAKESHIFT, from The Journal archives 

The Heart: A History of Textiles (+ Community) 

Ruth Clement Bond + the TVA Quilts 

River Heritage with the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area 

Material Culture 

Donate + Support:

Project Threadways 

Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area 

The University of Mississippi Foundation/CSSC 

@ Alabama Chanin  

Explore the Soften Collection with new designs and colorstory to soften and renew.  

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April’s Swatch of the Month is now available and features the Variegated Stripe design with a range of embroidery stitches featured in The Geometry of Hand-Sewing

The School of Making on has a new, fresh look with updated DIY Kit colorways, new maker supplies, and resources for makers.  Learn more on the Journal.   

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