From top left: May 2021 Swatch of the Month; Textile Paint color studies for swatch development; Stem Stitch detail from The Geometry of Hand-Sewing by Natalie Chanin; “If Jesus came from Missisippi, if tears began to rhyme, I’ll have to start at the beginning, it’s a world of strange design” from Bird on a Blade by Rosanne Cash and Dan Rizzie (pages 78–79); Bird on a Branch T-Shirt Top Kit; Left: “Mon Péché perfume bottle”, 1925 by Jeanne Lanvin; Right: “Evening gown”, 1929 by Jeanne Lanvin from Paris Haute Couture, 2012 by Olivier Saillard and Anne Zazzo (pages 52–53).

May 2021’s Swatch of the Month features the Bird on a Branch stencil, designed in collaboration with Grammy award-winning songwriter and friend Rosanne Cash and internationally acclaimed artist Dan Rizzie from their book, Bird on a Blade

From left: Bird on a Branch T-Shirt Top Kit; Fabric Swatch in Magdalena Camel; The Studio Bundles; Needles.

As part of our inspiration for May 2021’s Swatch of the Month, we introduce three new kits that feature the Bird on a Branch placement stencil: the Swing Skirt, T-Shirt Top, and Poncho.  

From top left: “it’s a hard road but it fits your shoes” from Bird on a Blade by Rosanne Cash and Dan Rizzie (pages 26–27); Bird on a Branch Poncho Kit; “Bird of Glory and Praise”, 2016 by Sheila Berger; Embroidery Floss.

Explore these kits alongside inspirations and maker materials.  

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Look back on the Journal for a closer look at Bird on a Branch DIY Kits and design inspirationto learn more about Rosanne, Dan, and their collaborative book, and for more inspiring works from Rosanne

From top left: Bird on a Branch Swing Skirt Kit; Gold-Handled Embroidery Scissors; Brown Bugle Beads; “This is our great migration, our mountain and our stone”, from Bird on a Blade by Rosanne Cash and Dan Rizzie.

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