The Modern Natural Dyer by Kristine Vejar


“Shade Card for cellulose-based fibers” from The Modern Natural Dyer: A Comprehensive Guide to Dyeing Silk, Wool, Linen, and Cotton at Home by Kristine Vejar (pages 98–99).

There’s something about being able to drop a few flowers into a dye pot and pull out a beautifully dyed fabric. That will always be magic for me.” – Kathy Hattori 

Natural dyes, and the processing of dyeing, have long been passions of Natalie and the team at Alabama Chanin. Natalie’s explorations in color theory and interest in dyeing techniques began in college and made an impact early in her career in the fashion industry. Over the years Alabama Chanin has housed its own indigo dye house at The Factory, collaborated with multiple dyers, dyehouse, and companies dedicated to the art of natural dyeing (more on them next week) and created countless garments pigmented with indigo, tea, goldenrod, walnut, and other natural dyes.  

Ahead of a limited-edition capsule collection launching this Friday and crafted in partnership with friend Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors, this week we explore the world of natural dyeing and share its history at Alabama Chanin.  

“A Recipe for Indigo”  

“Diane’s Natural Dye House” 

Explore indigo dyed pieces from the Alabama Chanin archive hereherehere, and here 

“Indigo: The Indelible Color That Ruled The World”, on NPR 

“In Process: Our Natural Dye House” 

“Native Plant Dyes”, from the U.S. Forest Service 

“Natural Dyes”  

Natural Dyes from MAIWA 

“The Modern Natural Dyer” 

“4 Steps to Naturally Dyeing Any Fabric Using Foods” 

“Inspiration: An Iron Bath + Crop Cardigan” 

@ Alabama Chanin      

Look for the launch of our capsule collection, in collaboration with Botanical Colors this Friday on and featured on The Journal.  

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@ The School of Making     

Our newest Studio Bundle finds inspiration from Alabama Chanin’s design archives and beauty from the natural and built environments of our community of The Shoals. Designed to help you experiment with color, appliqué, and stitching, the Studio Bundle #2 is an indispensable addition to your home design studio. This curated bundle contains the Fabric Stack – five maker-favorite colors: medium-weight White, Forest, Camel, and Ochre, and lightweight Black, paired with optional thread, embroidery floss, and bead add-ons in complementing hues. Pair each 2-yard fabric piece with any style in our pattern library to create your own sustainable, handcrafted wardrobe.  

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Plan your visit to view the Collection firsthand, work with our team, experience Alabama Chanin in-person, and learn more about our commitment to responsible production, sustainable practices, and thoughtful design.    


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