From top left: “Rosanne Cash,” photograph by Clay Patrick McBride; Organic cotton needle roll made from fabric scraps; Left: “Mon Péché perfume bottle”, 1925 by Jeanne Lanvin; Right: “Evening gown”, 1929 by Jeanne Lanvin from Paris Haute Couture, 2012 by Olivier Saillard and Anne Zazzo (pages 52–53); May Swatch of the Month; The River and the Thread Tee; “I just want a road that bends a love that wins an honest friend” from Bird on a Blade by Rosanne Cash and Dan Rizzie (pages 18–19).

 “Sometimes the fragment of a conversation, the color of the sky, the image in a dream, has everything to do with where the song begins.” — Rosanne Cash 

Singer, lyricist, musician, and sewer Rosanne Cash has long been a friend of Natalie’s and an inspiration to us here at The Factory. The first-born daughter of Johnny Cash and his first wife Vivian, Rosanne has composed moving and beautiful texts and music that examine the full breadth of the human experience. She also, as she said in her own words, “[has] been driven by a deep love and obsession with language, poetry, and melody.” This week, in celebration of Rosanne’s birthday today, we share posts from The Journal archives, music, books, and stories from and about this inspiring woman. 

“Creative Process: Rosanne Cash” 

“Rosanne Cash on Mountain Stage”, from NPR 

Bird on a Blade, by Rosanne Cash + Dan Rizzie (Explore our Swatch of the Month kit for May, inspired by Bird on a Blade) 

“Rosanne Cash: Worn Stories” 

“Rosanne Cash Goes Home”, from The New York Times Magazine 

“Roseanne Cash + The River & The Thread” (Give our sales team a call at 256-760-1090, ext. 114 to purchase the limited-edition The River & The Thread t-shirt.) 

“Rosanne Cash on Telling Women’s Stories”, from NPR 

“Rosanne Cash and the Southern Connection: A Playlist” 

“We’re All In This Together Now”, by John Paul White featuring Rosanne Cash 

“Rosanne Cash: Composed” 

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