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    1. Alabama Chanin

      Hi Gayle,

      While we do not have a pattern available for The Fernando Skirt which is part of the Alabama Chanin Collection, The School of Making has a four-panel Long Fitted Skirt Pattern that has a similar length and fit to this style (though not patchwork) which is available as a paper pattern in the book /Alabama Studio Sewing + Design/ (https://alabamachanin.com/products/natalie-chanin-alabama-studio-sewing-design?from=collection:Studio%20Books%20Patterns:studio-books&parent=the-school-of-making) and on the CD in /Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns/ (https://alabamachanin.com/products/alabama-studio-sewing-patterns?from=collection:Studio%20Books%20Patterns:studio-books&parent=the-school-of-making). You can find all of our Studio Books and Patterns here: https://alabamachanin.com/collections/the-school-of-making/studio-books