On Tuesday, we posted news of upcoming supply chain changes. These updates include both Alabama Chanin designs and The School of Making kits, bundles, and yardages. Although we will continue to offer a full-color range, as with any change in process or stock of fabric, colors and dye lots may vary.  

When Natalie wrote Alabama Stitch Book in 2008, we were working primarily with recycled T-shirts (many of which were made in our community), cutting them apart, and sewing them back together again.  

In 2004, and after conversations with sustainability experts, we began to build an organic cotton jersey supply chain. The fabrics created as a result of those initial conversations were added to our collections shorty after Alabama Stitch Book was written and have been a part of our process ever since.  

We are an ever-evolving organization that always searches for the best, which is often not the easiest solution to all processes. While challenging, this recent update helps us continue learning, growing, and improving our sustainable practices. The importance of quality materials and supplies is inherent to our principles, and we choose to offer the most sustainable options in our supply chain.    

All of our current offerings, online and in-store, are produced from the 2019 growing year of organic cotton. The Supima® is currently being processed in collaboration with our production partners and will be entering our production inventory in the coming months. The different cotton stocks will be identified on our color cards going forward with OG-(color) for US Organic, SP-(color) for Supima®, and IO-(color) for Imported Organic Yarn that is knit in North Carolina.   

Medium-weight JerseyDomestic / TexasCertified Organic CottonOG
Supima® Cotton JerseyDomestic / Arizona, California, New MexicoSupima® CottonSP
Lightweight JerseyImported / IndiaCertified Organic CottonIO

In the coming months, and as our supply chain expands, you will begin to see tags and stickers on garments and fabric that describe the origin of each fabric. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us at 256-760-1090 or email orders@alabamachanin.com

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