Studio Bundle #3 inspiration featuring a display in Mary’s Weave Shed highlighting “Process in Work” by Natalie Chanin and Rachel K. Garceau. Photo: Rinne Allen; Studio Bundle #3; September’s Swatch of the Month; Rabun Studios Weaving Sample #16 – Color 28. Photo by Rinne Allen; Fabric Swatches in Abstract Concrete with Metallic and Tonal Paint; Gold-Handled Knife-edge Dressmaker Shears.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.” – Georgia O’Keeffe 

Immersed in 600 acres of forested mountain terrain in the North Georgia mountains, Natalie spent the month of June 2018 in a residency program at the Hambidge Center. September’s Swatch of the Month partners with Hambidge and pays tribute to her woodland experience by showcasing the New Leaves stencil design. The swatch’s colors, Dove and White, are two of five colors featured in the new Studio Bundle #3, which includes Concrete, Black, and Lilac.  

Studio Bundle #3 finds color inspiration from Natalie’s time at Hambidge and the work of Mary Hambidge.   

Designed for experimentation with color, appliqué, and stitching, Studio Bundle #3 is an indispensable addition to a home design studio. This curated bundle contains the Fabric Stack – five maker-favorite colors: medium-weight White, Dove, Wax, Black, and lightweight Lilac, paired with optional thread and embroidery floss add-ons in complementing hues. Pair each 2-yard fabric piece with any style in our pattern library to create your own sustainable, handcrafted wardrobe. Please keep in mind, due to our small batch dyeing process, future colors may vary slightly from the yardage that you receive. If more than two yards are required for your garment, we recommend ordering additional yardage at the same time as the bundle. 

View the slides above and below for color inspirations, scenes from Natalie’s time at Hambidge, and accompanying designs for our recent fabric and notion bundle. 

Studio Bundle #3 inspiration featuring Hambidge archival material at Mary’s Weave Shed during “Process in Work”. Photo by Rinne Allen; Fabric Swatch in New Leaves Dove with Backstitch Quilted Technique; Detail of Rachel K. Garceau’s work and exhibition at the Antinori Ruins on the Hambidge Center property. Photo by Rinne Allen; Fabric Swatch in Spiral Concrete; Essential Sewing Kit; A letter to Mary Hambidge from Georgia O’Keeffe. Photo by Rinne Allen.

Studio Bundle #3 inspiration featuring Facets Stencil; Embroidery Floss; View of the gallery in Mary’s Weave Shed highlighting “Process in Work” by Natalie Chanin and Rachel K. Garceau. Photo: Rinne Allen; Ceiling detail at the Hambidge property grounds; Photo by Natalie Chanin; Textile Paint; Angie Mosier teaching at the Elemental Pie workshop at Hambidge in 2018. Photo by Rinne Allen.

Discover Studio Bundle #3.  

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