Swatch of the Month inspiration featuring the Fancy Tiger Top Kit; Embroidery Floss; October’s Swatch of the Month; Climbing Daisy Stencil artwork; right: Facets Stencil artwork from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design by Natalie Chanin (pages 132–133); Studio Bundle #3; The Starter Poncho Kit.

“With just one polka dot, nothing can be achieved.” —Yayoi Kusama 

Fun, nostalgic, and gender neutral—polka dots, with their equal size and relative spacing, can create a classic pattern. The spotted design gained popularity in the mid to late-19th century, as the polka dance came into fashion, and they have had their time in fashion history embraced by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, and Marilyn Monroe.  

October’s Swatch of the Month embraces the design and highlights our Medium Polka Dot Stencil using the Negative Reverse Appliqué technique with the Feather Stitch.  

Two new kits—The Starter Poncho Kit and Fancy Tiger Top Kit—are inspired by this month’s swatch. 

Swatch of the Month inspiration featuring the Fancy Tiger Top Kit; Fabric Swatch in Medium Polka Dot Stencil Natural using Negative Reverse Appliqué with the Feather Stitch; “Yayoi Kusama’s performance art piece ‘Self-Obliteration by Dots’”,1968. Documented by Hal Reiff via The Aje ReportSmall Polka Dot Stencil.

The Starter Poncho is a versatile cover-up and a great layering piece. This kit is perfect as a beginner project.  

Swatch of the Month inspiration featuring Fabric Swatch in Large Polka Dot Black/Natural using Beaded Backstitch Reverse Appliqué; Studio Bundle #3; The Starter Poncho Kit in Sand/Sand Medium Polka Dot; Left: “Untitled”; Right: “Buds”, 1959 by Agnes Martin. From Agnes Martin, 2015 edited by Frances Morris and Tiffany Bell (pages 50–51).

We chose to make the One Hour Top from this month’s collaborator, Fancy Tiger Crafts, in The School of Making style and are offering it as a limited-edition kit. Designed by Amber Corcoran, co-founder of Fancy Tiger Crafts, this top has simple construction and showcases the polka dot design with embroidery floss.  

Find our latest kits—the The Starter Poncho Kit and Fancy Tiger Top Kit—among recent designs and favorites in our Featured collection.   

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