In 2021, we relaunched Swatch of the Month, a monthly subscription program for embroidery technique practice and exploration from The School of Making. 2022 commemorates the 10th anniversary of the publishing of Alabama Studio Sewing + Designwhich is our inspiration for the forthcoming 2022 subscription program. Each fabric swatch will feature techniques and stencil designs from the studio book, which provides an encyclopedic view of our embellishment techniques. Look for a special edition of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design with a new cover and updated introduction to be released in early 2022. 

Natalie wrote about our fabric swatches in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design in 2012:  

“My simple decision to set up a standard way of recording the development of every design and fabric has led to an elaborate library consisting of more than five hundred swatches. To date we have twenty-seven books of fabric swatches that we use for everything from custom orders for clothing and interiors to inspiration for participants in our weekend workshops. When I spread these books across one of our 14′-long work tables, I am amazed to see the beauty we’ve created. In the past, we often tested colorways in garment form. Today, before any garment is cut, a tested and completed fabric sample swatch is approved. This small step has saved the company untold money, time, and waste.”   

Swatch of the Month marries our values of design and craft with sustainably sourced fabrics, offering sewers the opportunity to experiment at home with our techniques and designs. 

Pre-order now for January delivery and learn more about the program below.   


At the beginning of each month in 2022, participants will receive a DIY Kit featuring a unique fabric swatch to be sewn using embroidery techniques from The School of Making. Embroidery techniques for 2022 can be found in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. Each swatch kit comes stenciled and ready-to-sew with all of the notions needed to complete the swatch in the shown design choices.   

We will also be sharing the swatches, our design choices, instructions, and inspirations in an exclusive monthly newsletter. Share your project and follow along with others in the maker community using the hashtags #theschoolofmaking and #swatchofthemonth22.  


24 Fabric Swatches – Each fabric swatch is a 10” x 16” rectangle of our cotton jersey. Every month, participants will receive two fabric swatches. The top layer fabric will be stenciled; the bottom layer fabric will be un-stenciled.  

10 spools of Button Craft Thread – Utilized throughout the projects in The School of Making, Button Craft Thread is our go-to for all hand-sewing projects. It is strong, durable, and long-lasting.  

12 Paper Headers – Made from recycled card stock, each header can be labeled and attached to your fabric swatch before organizing into a three-ring binder.   

Exclusive monthly newsletter – The newsletter will be filled with inspirations, behind-the-scenes stories, a list of design choices, first access to promotions and offers, and special collaborations.   


(Purchase separately)
Studio Book Series: Alabama Stitch BookAlabama Studio Sewing + DesignAlabama Studio Sewing PatternsThe Geometry of Hand-Sewing  
Needle Sampler
Embroidery Scissors
Pin Cushion
Binder (Add-on for Swatch of the Month)
Fine-point Sharpie (for writing on your header)  


All orders from now through the end of 2021 will receive a digital PDF that can be printed and gifted. In January, we’ll ship out our first monthly subscription along with the exclusive newsletter. January’s shipment will include 12 headers, 10 spools of Button Craft Thread, and fabric swatches for January. Each subsequent month’s shipment will include that month’s swatches and any additional notions needed to complete the swatch design and the exclusive newsletter to your inbox.    

For questions or assistance ordering, contact:   

Catherine Counts:
+1.256.760.1090 x 114

Lily Rausch:
+1.256.760.1090 x 108

Haley Heinkel:
+1.256.760.1090 x 116


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