Left: “Inspired By quilt”, 2014 by Beth Shibley, Los Alamitos, California, contributor Quilt Alliance with accompanying essay “Flags of Hope” essay, by Natalie Chanin, published in Talking Textiles, Issue 1 for New York Textile Month, September 2016 (pages 206–207).

“A quilt tells a story about its maker, specific to a time and place; a quilt, quite literally, is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.” —Natalie Chanin from “Flags of Hope,” published in Talking Textiles, Issue 1 for New York Textile Month, September, 2016 

This Friday will introduce new entries, beginning in 2014, for the Alabama Chanin 21 Years Celebration. Chronicling collaborations and achievements in Alabama Chanin’s Building 14 manufacturing division, the start of the Friends of the Café Dinner series and other partnerships through The Factory Café, the next series of stories builds on the values of the multi-fold organization after the founding of The School of Making, Building 14, and The Factory Store + Café. 

This celebration marks Natalie’s legacy in sustainable design and honors our collaborators, team, friends, community, artisans, and those that have inspired Natalie and Alabama Chanin through their work and partnerships over the decades.  

Explore the 21 Years Celebration and find designs symbolic of Natalie’s journey in the 21 Year Collection.  

@ Alabama Chanin  

As the holiday season approaches, we’ve organized an overview of production and shipping deadlines to help you understand your holiday purchase timeline. 

November 14th | Last day for Hanukkah hand-sewn orders   

November 21st | Last day for Hanukkah machine-sewn + DIY Kit orders   

December 5th | Last day for hand-sewn orders  

December 15th | Last day for AC machine-sewn orders 

December 16th | Last day for TSOM DIY kits  

December 21st | Last day for 2-day shipments  

December 22nd | Overnight shipments begin 

Look for gift guides from Alabama Chanin and The School of Making later this week.  

@ The School of Making  

The latest Swatch of the Month arrives this Friday and finds inspiration in our zero-waste approach to design and production—utilizing fabric scraps and the Tartan Stencil.  

@ The Factory     

Plan your visit to view the Collection firsthand, work with our team, experience Alabama Chanin in-person, and learn more about our commitment to responsible production, sustainable practices, and thoughtful design.    

Customization is among the many benefits of lean-method manufacturing. Because our garments are made to order, we offer the complimentary service of adjusting hemlines along the sleeve and body up to 3”. Note hemline adjustments at checkout, or connect with our team to learn more about opportunities to further customize fit.         


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