onward through the liminal 
air and love 

at the edge of nature 
we are always coming home  

trails of overgrown memories 
love the thread 
catch my soul 

scrub me new 
me together 
return to rethread 
aspire homeward 

crafting web 
storytelling core 
to live 

and inspire 

Created in collaboration with Diana Weymar of Tiny Pricks ProjectAlabama Chanin x Tiny Pricks Project is a collection of 21 one-of-a-kind jackets, each embroidered with lines from a collection of verses that represent our journey over the past twenty-one years. Written in collaboration between Natalie and Diana and titled Twenty-One Years, the passages tell a story of creative pursuit and the art of making.   

Explore the collection.  

Over the last three months, Alabama Chanin released stories and archival photographs through our 21 Years Celebration.  

Follow the journey.  

Lead image: Back of Jacket #30446 (XL): Alabama Chanin x Tiny Pricks Project

2: Left from Stenciling and Lean Method, 2001: Air Love stencil in Black and featuring beading and embroidery, from Alabama Chanin’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, photograph by Abraham Rowe; right from Brooklyn to Chelsea, 2000: Natalie’s Schwinn bicycle at the Chelsea Hotel, photographed by Natalie Chanin, 2001.

3: Left from Lovelace Crossroads to The Factory, 2007: Lovelace Crossroads production studio, 2002, photograph by Robert Rausch; right from Photography and Film, 1990 – 1999:  Location scouting photos of Natalie Chanin during the work on the Life Ball awareness campaign, photographed by Wolfgang Tschofen, Vienna, 1999, photograph by Robert Rausch.

4: Left from Project Alabama and Partners, 2001: Alabama collection t-shirts on the clothesline, 2001, photograph by Natalie Chanin; right from Roman Alonso with Lisa Eisner and Wyatt Troll, 2010: Designs from Alabama Chanin’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection worn by models Jane Moseley and Tracy Antonopoulos, photographs by Lisa Eisner.

5: Left from Stitch, 2000: Back cover of Sioseh 17: Alabama, by Sissi Farassat, shot by Sissi during the filming of “Stitch,” photograph by Robert Rausch; right from Lovelace Crossroads to The Factory, 2007: Exterior of the Lovelace Crossroads studio, 2006, photograph by Rinne Allen.

6: Left from Bloomers, 2003: Bloomers cardigan, Project Alabama, photograph by Robert Rausch; right from Alabama Chanin Founded, 2006: Assorted stamps from Natalie’s ever growing collection, including a special new addition for Alabama Chanin, photograph by Robert Rausch

7: Back of Jacket #30429 (S): Alabama Chanin x Tiny Pricks Project

8: Detail of Stanza Love Tee in Navy


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