Alabama Chanin Fabric Detail Featuring Hand Embroidery


Detail of #30859: The Tank 

“bloom softly / however you need / just bloom.”—Rupi Kaur 

Our recent Bloom collection symbolizes flourishing, growing, and becoming. In the stillness of this winter, we share art that depicts and inspires florescence.  

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Alabama Chanin's Bloom Collection Floral Prints on Artisan-Crafted Garments

Bloom Collection

 @ Alabama Chanin  

Bloom: Introducing a dynamic palette featuring signature Alabama Chanin designs and one-of-a-kind naturally-dyed garments in soft floral hues. The Collection celebrates hand-craft through wandering appliqués, hand-painted details, and thoughtful design. 

Brightly: An imaginative assortment of vibrant hues and new designs in collaboration with artist, writer, and curator Phillip March Jones. 

Follow Natalie’s journey of twenty-one years of sustainable design here through Alabama Chanin’s 21 Years Celebration. 

@ The School of Making  

DIY Kit Refresh: Inspired by our newly released Maggie’s Dream Kits, The School of Making’s refreshed DIY assortment includes all of our favorite projects for the year ahead. 

Other recent arrivals include the Studio Bundle and a new Three-Day Workshop from July 13 – 15, 2021.  

@ The Factory      

Plan your visit to view the Collection firsthand, work with our team, experience Alabama Chanin in-person, and learn more about our commitment to responsible production, sustainable practices, and thoughtful design.    

Monday by appointment only   
Tuesday – Friday | 10am – 5pm        
Saturday and Sunday | Closed            

Visit us at:        
462 Lane Drive        
Florence, Alabama 35630   

Catherine Counts:
+1.256.760.1090 x 114

Lily Rausch:
+1.256.760.1090 x 108

Haley Heinkel:
+1.256.760.1090 x 116

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