Gu Wenda exhibition from the Peabody Essex Museum and a drawstring backpack from the Far West and Alabama Chanin collaboration.

THE WEEK IN REVIEW | 08/27/2023

Collaborations. Collections. Embroidery.
A note from Natalie.

I’m sending this out from Salem, Massachusetts—where fall is approximately 566 miles north of home. When packing for the trip, I began thinking about the idea of seasons traveling at approximately 15 miles per day or 100 miles per week with the rotating axis of the earth. This puts Salem approximately five weeks closer to fall than north Alabama, and consequently, I got to pack my favorite Peacoat and Waffle Crewneck for the cooler nights. These two pieces, paired with the Chelsea Skirt and the Ravenna Tunic, are the uniform of my my time in Salem with the Peabody Essex Museum.

As summer comes (ever so slowly) to an end, we’ve officially sold out of the colors Indigo and Wild Iris. The Indigo vats will rest and return soon. Thank you to Idyllwilde, Botanical Colors, our friend Carol Jiganti, and all our team of designers and makers at Alabama Chanin for this beautiful work. It takes a village.

Transitioning between seasons, we’re highlighting the hand-painted Figures pattern in Navy, and launching, for a limited time, Baby Blue in Featherweight Jersey. I’ve lived in my Kelly Ravenna Tunic all summer, and just ordered additional pieces in the Kelly Ravenna Dress and Kelly Sarong

I’m also ordering a second Ravenna Tunic which I plan to embroider with a range of floss colors and hand-sewn stitches. It’s been a long time since I customized a piece for myself, and I’m excited to get started. If you’ve never embroidered before or have years of experience in design and making, we’ve got a range of workshops for every level. More information here.

On Thursday, we were thrilled to launch a new Far West x Alabama Chanin collaboration. I’ve been traveling to El Cosmico and Marfa for almost two decades and am over the moon to work on this upcycling project. Read more about the collaboration here and shop the selection (and so much more) here

Earlier in the week we updated  Self Care, and are all happy to have a fresh stock of Vintner’s Daughter in the building. Check out the cleanseressence, and serum (in that order). There is nothing like these products, which I use every day. Choose the Vintner’s Daughter Trio and receive an organic Waffle Hand Towel on us and in the color of your choice. These are the best towels I’ve ever owned, and I hope you love them too.

(All of our favorite organic rib pieces can now be found in Core Essentials. The Turtleneck, the Rib Crew Dress, and the Tank are also available in Baby Blue for a limited time.)

This week, we also became an affiliate partner with Caddis. I love their motto: “Get older. Own it. See stuff.” Shop the collection and support artisan craft because those stitches need magnification. Our motto: “Get older. Own it. Make stuff.”

(Also, use the new readers to explore the updated Reading List—it’s been a good summer.)

Next Thursday, look for the re-launched Custom DIY program including the addition of limited-edition colors Midnight and Beige.

I’ll be home next week to put the final touches on Collection #66: The Winter Trees.

The wet dawn inks are doing their blue dissolve.
On their blotter of fog the trees
Seem a botanical drawing —
Memories growing, ring on ring.
—from Winter Trees by Sylvia Plath

Launching on September 5th.  
Save the Date. 

Enjoy today,

P.S.: I found this map to plan a road trip following the seasons which and weather consistently in the 70 degrees range.

Photo at top left: Gu Wenda: United Nations at the Peabody Essex Museum; top right, Far West x Alabama Chanin Upcycled Drawstring Backpack

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